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Welcome!   Bienvenue!  Willkommen!

Who are Didac Eastbourne?

Didac School UK is a school on the south coast of England in the town of Eastbourne. We have been teaching English here for over 20 years.  The school is one of a group of exciting Swiss-owned schools offering a variety of educational courses.


We specialise in English for Swiss students between the ages of 16 and 18 who have finished their formal, compulsory education and by offering a wide range of subjects, we prepare our students for apprenticeships, colleges or continued study to Universities.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide the safest environment possible for students becoming more self-aware, self-confident, self-disciplined and self-motivated.


We aim to provide them with the most holistic educational experience in their journey towards not only a successful career start but to becoming more internationally aware and unprejudiced in their attitude towards race and gender and, wherever possible, develop their sense of responsibility within a community.


What are our specialities?

We specialise in offering educational courses to students aged between 16 to 18 years old:

  • 5-month courses - Sept to Jan and Feb to Jun

  • 10-month courses - Sept to Jun


We are a Cambridge Centre and we are accredited by the British Council and we have a dedicated team of teaching professionals who, between them, have over 85 years teaching experience! For many years we have been welcoming students to offer them a secure education in a school with top class English lessons and a whole variety of other learning experiences

Where will you live?

You will be staying in a typical English family who will have been selected by us to meet with your character and requirements.


Our host families are a part of the larger ‘family’ that extends from the school and usually by the end of their stay, the students give us overwhelmingly positive feedback about their experience. The host families are all DBS checked and all carry the appropriate licensing.


What if you don't like your Host Family?

Clearly sometimes not all students get on with all host families and if, after some time, you feel that you are really not quite getting on and are not happy, we can always suggest an alternative family.


We have a 99% positive feedback rate from students about their experience living with their host families and we feel confident that our students will enjoy this aspect of their course at Didac.

Besides English, what else can you study?

We pride ourselves on the diversity of the subjects we offer and the professional teachers that deliver these courses. They can enhance your time here and make sure that the learning experience is not confined just to English language.


Host Families

All our host families are DBS checked and many have been host families for many years.


In our last feedback from students, we had 99% satisfaction from the students at the end of the year.




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